In 2011, to start my career and prove my skills, I’ve created ScientiGeek: a website mixing scientific & geek news. Many projects were made, but the website closed due to a lack of time and team.




Recruiting, training and management of 12 (scientigeeks) editors   

After a few weeks writing content and sharing it on FB/TW, ScientiGeek received a lot of attention from the scientific field. Colleagues and other readers joined the team, giving the website a proper rhythm of publishing. At the end of the first year, there were 12 scientific-geeks in the editorial team.

Exhibition at the ESPGG and ApéroScience with Knowtex

In the world of science, news travel fast. ScientiGeek quickly interested major scientific mediation organizations like the ESPGG museum in Paris. From this opportunity arose a partnership, starting with a spot in their exhibition “Science and Humor”.

This event gave a lot of public visibility to my website and led in 2012 to a partnership with Knowtex, a major online community of “explorers and pioneers”, who dedicated an ApéroScience event to ScientiGeek.