After graduating, I was offered an internship to manage the new clients of the agency. I then completed a training in social media marketing. With time and experience, I took in charge bigger clients and was placed at the head of the CM team.





Management of the CM team

After my first year in the agency, I was placed at the head of the community managers team. While keeping my clients, I supervised the work of my colleagues, recruited and trained new community managers.

Professional training courses

With the growing interest of companies in social media, more and more professionals are looking for experts that could train them. Whether it is for a specialisation of a retraining, I gave full courses (in english and french) to more than 50 people from different industries.

History of social media, overview of its wideness, its potential for businesses, how to integrate them in a digital strategy, etc.

Social Media Digest

Social networks are never sleeping… it takes a lot of time to keep an eye on them and never miss a major info that could help brands in their strategy. This is why each month, I created a presentation giving in a 5 minutes read the essential info to keep up the pace on social media. And each month, this Digest was read about 3 000 times, giving the agency a significant visibility and affect.

Social Media Numbers of the Year

At the beginning of each year, I gathered all the data published by the most serious cross-platform measurement companies and created a presentation giving the most important numbers regarding the evolution of social media marketing. Each presentation was read by more that 50 000 users and gave as much visibility to the agency.