As a start of my internship in the digital agency Mediaventilo, I produced blog and social media content for our main client: Best Western France. After a few months, I was placed in charge of the social media strategy of the brand with multiple objectives at all levels (acquisition, visibility, engagement, clics).




Cover of Best Western 2012 cross-media campaign

For the launch of their new TV commercial, Best Western asked to create a social media event. The campaign had a major focus on the uniqueness of each Best Western hotel, with teasings released all over their social accounts and advertising to maximise their visibility.

Video interviews of chefs, hotel managers and brand ambassadors

Construct brand affect from users through series of videos focusing on professionals working in fields linked to Best Western values: luxury, gastronomy, golf.

More than 100 articles for “Caractère Original” brand blog

With the evergrowing need for Best Western to maintain a strong presence online, SEO efficient content with proper SMO was the answer. Attracting different kind of readers (travel, food, movies, etc), they brought daily prospects to their website.