As a Millennial born and raised in the web 2.0, my daily habits predicted my career. I’m an unconventional digital strategist and social media expert. Since 2011, I‘ve run online campaigns for more than 14 brands and lead complex cross-channel projects with success. As a community manager, I have gathered and engaged more than 1.2 Million users on brands’ social networks. On the side, I have founded and taken part in several websites about science and gaming. These gave me a wide variety of skills — website creator, designer, copywriter, publisher relations and team manager.



Digital Marketing

• Analysis of brand online presence and potential
• Roadmap tailored to marketing goals
• Creation of editorial & graphic identity
• Inbound marketing: cross-community, cross-platform channeling
• Lead generation from CM, Ads & projects
• Tenders formulation, showings
• Management of Community Managers team
• Professional trainings in french & english

Community Management

• Creation and management of social accounts
• Content production (text, photo, gif, snap, cinemagraph, etc)
• Video shooting & editing
• Publishing, scheduling w/ content calendar
• Live-based events (live tweet, FB Live, Periscope)
• Blog writing using CMS
• Moderation of UGC, interactions w/ users & other brands
• Customer support, crisis management
• Partnerships with bloggers, brands, PR agencies
• KPIs monitoring, optimisation and reporting
• Brand & tech monitoring


• Budget management, Insertion Orders
• FB/IG/TW campaigns w/ Power Editor & Ads Manager
• Google AdWords campaigns (Search/Display)
• Targeting, re-targeting
• Pixels implementation & tracking
• PPV/PPE/PPC optimisation, A/B testing, experiments
• Mailing campaigns, delivery
• Audience & Delivery Insights
• Report, budget spend, ROI


• Domain name registration, website/mail hosting
• Creation of website using a CMS-based interface (WordPress)
• Website customisation w/ UX, Flat Design template
• Basic SEO, SMO
• Google Analytics coupling & monitoring
• WooCommerce integration for e-commerce
• HTML/CSS for minor tweaks