Raised in the digital era, my passion predicted my career in social media. For more than five years, I have successfully driven the digital marketing strategy of a dozen major brands in different fields. On the side, I have created and written on multiple blogs about science and gaming. I’m a golf player since 6 I’m years old, hiking addict, fan of The Legend of Zelda, BTTF and Sherlock Holmes. I love japanese culture, believe in Murphy’s law and do a killer triple chocolate mousse.

Through teamwork and constant search for innovation, my goal is not to follow trends but to create them.



Digital Marketing

• Analysis of brand online presence and potential
• Roadmap tailored to marketing goals
• Creation of editorial & graphic identity
• Inbound marketing: cross-community, cross-platform channeling
• Lead generation from CM, Ads & projects
• Tenders formulation, showings
• Management of Community Managers team
• Professional trainings in french & english

Community Management

• Creation and management of social accounts
• Content production (text, photo, gif, snap, cinemagraph, etc)
• Video shooting & editing
• Publishing, scheduling w/ content calendar
• Live-based events (live tweet, FB Live, Periscope)
• Blog writing using CMS
• Moderation of UGC, interactions w/ users & other brands
• Customer support, crisis management
• Partnerships with bloggers, brands, PR agencies
• KPIs monitoring, optimisation and reporting
• Brand & tech monitoring


• Budget management, Insertion Orders
• FB/IG/TW campaigns w/ Power Editor & Ads Manager
• Google AdWords campaigns (Search/Display)
• Targeting, re-targeting
• Pixels implementation & tracking
• PPV/PPE/PPC optimisation, A/B testing, experiments
• Mailing campaigns, delivery
• Audience & Delivery Insights
• Report, budget spend, ROI


• Domain name registration, website/mail hosting
• Creation of website using a CMS-based interface (WordPress)
• Website customisation w/ UX, Flat Design template 
• Basic SEO, SMO
• Google Analytics coupling & monitoring
• WooCommerce integration for e-commerce
• HTML/CSS for minor tweaks